Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The unglamours life

Nothing like coffee with your sister after a great work out (don’t worry it is always low carb and sugarless).  Some quite morning coffee is a great way to reconnect and rejuvenate.  That became more and more important as my day evolved yesterday.  

I started Exodus this week and the many miracles of Jesus.  I noticed in Exodus that Moses’ mom actually ended up getting paid to do what she would have done anyway – be a mom and a wet nurse.  That is pretty cool and encouraging to me (still looking for a regular job and being paid to read and write in the meantime).  After my morning routine, I head out with my sister to run some errands.  I am helping her plan and throw her birthday party in a week so we went out to get some supplies. 

Afterward I came home and job hunted some more.  About forty minutes into my job hunt I get a call from Tammy from Utah.  Tammy is who I have been working with in the process of interviewing for this particular position.  She was calling to inform me that I was not chosen, though they did forward my resume on to another department (though she would not tell me which one) and that they would be in contact with me if it all worked out.  Thank you Tammy, you have been wonderful to work with in this process. 

At that moment I realize two things.  One I was holding my breathe as I knew it would be a call about if I were to move forward or not.  Second, I was torn between what answer I wanted it to be.  Don’t get me wrong, I want a job…terribly so.  But I don’t want to live in Utah and Robert will be in Maryland this fall, if I got the job that means that Robert and I would go our separate ways (we talked about it already, though neither one of us wants to).  I also really want to be in DC (since 2000) and if I got the job in Utah I might never get there.  So, part of me was relieved I did not get the job.  But, the other part was discouraged all over again.  I am an excellent employee and give one hundred and ten percent at everything.  Yet, I can’t seem to catch a break.  At least in Washington DC I know I have an employment company that wants to work with me (they love my resume) I just have to be there.  God, please open a door.

As I am contemplating all this, my dad comes to my door with a big box.  Robert has sent me fresh tulips (no guy has ever done something like that) and the card was perfect: “I know you’re stressed so here is a reason to smile. Robert.”  That was as God moment.  Thank you for the beautiful flowers and perfect card.  You are so wonderful to me.  The flowers look beautiful! 

My sister comes over to help me hang some art work (finally getting things feeling like I live here) and rearrange my kitchen (it did not make sense at all).  Getting that done made me feel more at home…something I have not quite felt yet. Then we headed over to the Cookie Tree with the kids and a new book store (yay for having one in Yuba City!!!)  I hunt down a book I have been looking for (it should be here between two days and two weeks) and got two more from one of my favorite authors.  My sister told me I could justify the purchase because I can write about them and get paid for them as an examiner (you all need to follow my articles there and help me out…different style of writing but still fun). It is as we are out that I get yet another rejection letter (do all the companies get together and plan delivering them all on the same day?  I mean really, I was still whirling from the first one and this one was actually at a place in DC I really wanted to work for...ah, well just another door I know I am not suppose to go through). 

I then headed to a rehearsal with the worship team and got coffee with my dad.  I love being able to spend more time with him.  I learned grandpa had surgery (they put in a pace maker) and is to be out of the hospital today.  Thank you all for your prayers, they were heard and we are blessed.  

I got to talk to an old friend, Katie, who is a professor at the local community college.  She teaches English, so I had to pick her brain for some articles I am writing.  It was so great to here from her and get a quick catch up.  I look forward to coffee or beer or wine and some great conversations with you.  Thank you for all your support!! I had hoped to come home to a video chat with Robert, but his schooling got in the way.  I am so proud of you, honey, for doing this and how serious you are taking it.  But I still wish we had gotten a little face time.  Ah well, this is only for a short time and then you will be home.  

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