Monday, July 15, 2013

How Do You Know You Got A Good One?

Some days just take everything out of you, for me this was that weekend. 

Saturday I woke up not feeling one hundred percent (talking to your boyfriend till 3:30 am will do that).  So, I cancelled my work out with my sister and slept in a bit.  I met up with her to help her with a vendor event she was doing.  During the set up I excused myself to the powder room and one of the other ladies’ children had to excuse himself.  I was volunteered to watch him (my credentials being exemplary). 

I take this little guy I have never met to the powder room.  He was about six or seven and full of energy.  I am used to taking three kids at a time and know what it is like to have to relieve yourself quickly.  Since I did not know this child, I was extremely quick and awaited him in the hallway.  After five minutes I walk into the men’s lavatory to check and make sure he did not give me the slip.  All I can see are his bare feet dangling from the stool.  I ask him if he is ok and like every guy, “Yeah, could you just get out.”  So, I did thinking surely he must be done soon.  After another ten minutes of waiting I am concerned for the poor kid.  I know guys take forever to do their business, but fifteen minutes for a six year old!?!  Something is wrong.  I text my sister thanking her for putting me on kid duty. 

Two girls about two minutes later come bounding up to see where there brother is – still in the bathroom.  They confirm and leave.  My sister texts that the sisters are going to take over…but they just left.  Great!  Well, about three minutes later they come back to relieve me of my post.  Thank heavens!  Apparently, the mom was not concerned with this stranger watching her child, thank the Lord my sister was adamant about getting me off the hook. 

After the event she and I decided to eat at this place, Casa Verde I think it is called.  It is similar to a Chipotle, but I was not impressed with their meat.  Sad.  We ran a few more errands and then I posted my blog. 

When something is wrong I like to deal with it head on.  And Robert and I had been talking all day about the day and a little about our conversation the last night.  But, writing is sometimes easier for me to convey my feelings so when he read the last blog we really began to DTR (define the relationship).  You know a guy is good when he doesn’t want to break up but will if it will make you happy.

I have been engaged for four years to a man.  When we broke up I had to force tears out so as not to appear callas.  But, I had been praying for the relationship to end for about three of those years.  The idea of breaking up with Robert took all of my strength to hold back tears.  I don’t cry.  But that idea was too sad!  Needless to say, we didn’t break up!  YAY!!  He proved himself to be quality in that discussion.  

He ended the night talking about when I played Esther in Meet Me In St. Louis.  He played my dad.  There is a scene after the big party when Esther realizes she is moving and won’t get to be with her love.  But, her kid sister just can’t believe that is going to happen.  To calm little Tootie down, Esther sings Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.  Robert told me he used to purposely be in the wings to listen to me sing it because it gave him chills down his spine and his grandparents had not heard it sung so well in decades.  I don’t think I have that great a voice, but that just lifted my heart. 

I went to bed with his sweet words in my head and got up to a good morning from him.  I headed off to church.  Apparently, I missed my grandfather by ten minutes.  He was rushed to ER for chest pains.  Very scary.  Still awaiting an update, but I think they were testing him yesterday at noon.  I got to talk a little to my great aunt about Mississippi and enjoyed a sermon on children.  Apparently, even if you don’t have kids you are still responsible for raising them.  Good for me! 

I came home and finished cleaning the shower out that had the plumbing problem (I had cleaned it the prior night now that the plumber had fixed the problem but wanted it to soak in disinfectant overnight) and had a great lunch.  Then I helped my daddy paint the fence. 

As we were painting I got to talk to my dad in a relaxed environment.  It was the first time I got to talk about Robert.  What you have to realize I my dad is not just my dad.  He has also been my pastor for most my life and I consider him the wisest person I know.  I told him about my trip, how Robert treated me that he was willing to wait for me (to which my dad replied most Christian men wouldn’t) and my concern about the religion thing.  To which he said, it can work and to give it a chance (after all I have dated bad Christians).  That was encouraging.  And it was fun to talk with him – plus we painted the fence.  

A little heat sick I came in to video chat Robert.  I loved being able to make him laugh.  I then did some reading so I can be working on a writing assignment (oh yeah, I have been probationary hired as a writer for – ideas of what literature to write on are now being accepted).  And headed to bed – tired but happy and with this text from Robert:

“You give me a special feeling.  Well, special like my happiness comes from your happiness.  I can’t wait to hear from you every day.  Talking to you at night drives me to get through the day.  I can have the best day in the world, but it would still suck until I got to hear from you.  You could make my bad days good.”  He makes me feel special with words like that.  There are still good guys out there, and I think I may have been blessed with an extra special one.  

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