Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thank the Lord for small blessings

In a small town the small things often become the exciting things.  At least, that is what I think I am learning.

These past couple days have been full of nothing particularly special, just quite stress and pondering really.  I have done the job hunt thing and am getting really frustrated that I am too over qualified for any jobs where I live and too under qualified for the jobs in the city in which I will be living.  How does that happen? But, I got hired as a substitute nursery worker for the church.  It isn’t consistent work, but it will be helpful for now.  I have an interview to train as a buser for the country club out here on Friday.  I am hoping for more consistent work.  And I am in training to work for an actual publisher as an independent contractor proofer.  They are paying for the training, but not for me to train.  Hopefully, I can get through it fast so that I can start getting paid gigs with them.  They are easy to work with, so that is exciting. 

But, in the meantime, I still have those pesky student loans.  I graduated with my bachelors debt free (yay me!!!)  It took going to school time and half, working four jobs at a time and having no life, but it was worth it.  Unfortunately, for my masters the time commitment to succeed was significantly more, so I had to take out loans (and I still worked two jobs to make ends meet).  After you graduate you are supposed to get a good job and pay them off…so far I am not having much luck.  These things stress me out more than any other bill because they NEVER go away and they will ALWAYS screw your credit.  So, trying to figure out how to pay for them is getting stressful.  Please pray I get this job with the club (even though I have very little serving experience) and the proofing job takes off.  

Frustrated with the job situation has not made me ignorant of the actual small blessings of being in a small town with family.  I spent the past two days getting some quality time with my two god-children.  It has been fun getting to know them.  We went to Color Me Mine yesterday where I helped to make a tea set for my niece.  My two nephews painted a dolphin and a tractor. 

Afterwards we went to this restaurant, Pluto’s.  I had no idea this place even existed!  It was great healthy food (mine lasted me two meals).  And the atmosphere was clean and vibrant.  I would recommend this place to anyone who wants a healthy meal on the run. 

I got Robert the last part of his birthday package (it is in 26 days to all who want to get him something…I recommend anything really; he is away and needs the loving).  When I told him this, he said “You are not supposed to be spoiling me; I am supposed to be spoiling you.”  I selfishly agree, but I still like doing these nice things for you.  And, you will really like it.  But I am not giving you any hints…but you should try and guess anyway. 

My sister was telling one of the youth that they should find a man that treats them like a queen and that they can respect.  She then went on to say that Robert sounds just like that for me (though she qualified it by saying she hasn’t met him yet…but I agree with her).  Thank you for treating me so well! 

My exhaustion has not ceased.  I actually found myself taking a ten minute cat nap yesterday. I haven’t taken a nap in so long!  But my body rebelled against me and made it mandatory.  I know I have a hard time sleeping, but lately it seems to be the worst!  I have had dreams the past three nights of zombies and headless horsemen.  Really?  I don’t even watch this kind of stuff.  Ariel says it is subjectively thinking about Robert because he is so into zombies and horror flicks.  I guess…why couldn’t he be into butterflies and fairies? 

The fair starts tonight.  I am helping out with the Miss Yuba Sutter competition.  This will be the first real test of being in the same place at the same time as my ex-fianc√©.  He is judging.  So, being the amazing guy he is, Robert told me I could call him to escape if I need to.  I am hoping some of my competition friends help me out too.  The returning Miss Yuba Sutter will for sure…thanking the Lord for small blessings. 

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  1. You should be able to defer your loans. Call the company for sure. Hope things go well at the Miss Yuba!