Monday, August 5, 2013

Balls, Parties, Guns

Family, friends, and loved ones – simple concepts with great expectations and foundations in life.  This weekend was full of them.  Robert had a small family emergency that taught me what I thought I already knew – he relies on me for the big and the small.  When things like that come up people are not themselves, combined with my sickness all weekend it was a very off weekend for us.  We didn’t get to talk as much and we learned a valuable lesson – text doesn’t convey emotion.  But, our small talks ended up being each other’s salve. 

Thursday I got to go with my niece for her first time bowling.  The lady at the lanes said in her 12 years of working there they had never seen a bowler so young (she is only about 18 months).  She totally kicked her brother’s butt getting two strikes in a row!  I watched the two of them battle it out and enjoy the new experience.  Of course, the tall ladder that drops the ball for kids did help them out quite a bit.

Friday I interviewed for a job working banquets. I got it!  Not after my new boss opened the interview saying, “You’re interviewing me.  I already know where I would put you,” and “if you can succeed here, you can succeed anywhere because the politics and crap that happens here is ridiculous and unprecedented.”  He apparently hates the facility, though loves the job.  I start this Friday.  Hopefully, this job with the two proofreading jobs (I am still in testing stages with both but here is to crossing my fingers) I can begin to relax a bit. 

My brother-in-law’s birthday was Friday.  Actually, almost all my in-laws birthdays were last week.  A birthday every day for most of the week, but he is in the same town so I went over to celebrate with him.  We did cake first with my kid sister and her daughter and then headed to Chilies.  I have not eaten there in years, but it was great food – though our server was less than great. 

Saturday was my mom’s birthday and the first one I was home for in ten years.  Two of my nieces and nephews came over to bake with her in the morning.  They got the good stuff – chocolate chip cookies.  The adults got the equivalent of a healthy coffee cake…not bad but not my first go to either.  But the fellowship with my kid sis and her husband was fun. 

After baking we all headed to lunch with one of my older sisters and her family joined.  My dad taught me the basics to shooting both a revolver and an automatic while we tried to keep sane through the chaos.  Both he and myself work from home so we spend a great deal of time alone.  That large grew of people (11) and the restaurant scene was much more than we are used to.  I at least get some time with my sister and her family every day (I have to keep sane somehow), but my dad spends most his time working in his office on his own.  So, the lesson was great. 

My dad is a world champion marksman.  Really, he is top notch and has that exact award.  He used to put the newspaper clipping with his picture of him shooting some kind of gun up at the front door so our dates could see it.  Here is a picture of him aiming for the small silhouette on the target: 
And aiming for the head at 20 feet away: 

Well, having him teach you to shoot a gun is not a bad thing. After lunch my parents took me to shoot with them for the first time.  As I am shooting my mom’s automatic (yep she is quite good with a gun too), I can barely hear her through my ear protection that “She is a good shot.” 

My dad had me shoot the revolver (I like that one) from about 10 feet away.

Then he had me shoot from about 20 feet away (what you are trained to do in the military…ok they do about 25 feet but this was an indoor range).

Not bad for only my second time ever and first time in years.  Ryan S.  you should be proud! When we left my dad said, “You are a good shot” (not bad coming from a world champion marksman) and my mom said, “You are your father’s daughter.”  Ok, not going to lie, that made me swell with pride a bit. 

We closed off the night celebrating my mom with her favorite card game – Canasta.  Kim and I played partners.  Though she was also taking care of her babies, so she gave away our 100 point lead in the last hand to have my parent’s beat us by 2000 points.  My comment to my mom,  “She has been ruining my life…” fell into a laugh.  Probably a good thing that my mom won, but really, she always wins that game.  But it was so much fun to play with her and my dad.

Robert sent me a package of a really cute fedora (doesn’t he have great taste?) and a workout band for my iphone.  I told him perhaps over a month ago I was looking for one, and he surprised me with it.  He is a great listener.  How did I get so lucky?  Then he sent me an actual post card!!!  It is of the Old Place Plantation in Gautier, MS.  I love the little note on it! 

Sunday, I worked for the first time in the nursery at church.  Thank you for the subbing positions to still get paid.  I then spent the day chatting with Robert and ended up going to dinner with my sister and her family.  Living in an orchard and surrounded by no sound (especially when my parents are both gone) really can get
to your head.  I had to escape my brain.  So, it was a nice feeling when Robert called and helped me to do that.  We have officially survived a month together officially and separated.  We realized that he comes home on our anniversary in October.  That is a gift I am looking forward to getting.

For now, it is back to the grind and frustration of job hunting.  Here is hoping something pops.  

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