Thursday, August 15, 2013

Simple blessings

“I am not skilled to understand what God has willed what God has planned.  I only know at His right hand stands one who is my Savior.” Aaron Shust

Blessings come in many sizes and packages.  This week I have been blessed abundantly.  No, I do not have my dream job, or even a job in the field…yet.  But I have found joy in the simple things.

Sunday I had such a good experience at church, I just had to share it with Robert.  We set up a much needed Skype session (thank God for the part of technology) and I explained how much I enjoy singing worship and hearing from God.  I got really excited when he said he would like to come to church with me. That kind of joy can’t be shared in its truest form by just discussing it, it has to be experienced.  I am so excited to share that part of my life with him.

I talked with Robert this week about a dream I have.  Some of you know I want to see the end of human trafficking in my life time (at least in the US).  But, I also have a passion to help where it is really bad – the Congo.  In the Congo 90% of girls are sexually mutilated (not just assaulted) by the time they are 3 years old!!  Evidence shows that one of the best ways to curb this is to educate.  I do not mean educate girls about how to protect themselves, but to educate period.  Math. Science.  English.  Reading.  Writing.  All of it. When this happens, the children of the abusers/traffickers go to school and become friends with those would-be victims.  This relationship makes it more difficult for the aggressors to kidnap, attack, etc.

So, I want to open a school in the Congo.  I want to also attach a clinic where students can be safe and get the help they need physically.  There are few doctors who can fix the kind of damage these girls receive when the have been mutilated with all sorts of tools and weapons.  Many die from lack of treatment.  It is a terrible place they are in and we can help.

As I was telling Robert this he surprised me.  Most men say, “Oh, that’s great but it is unrealistic.  You will never come close to that,” or, “Oh, how naïve you are!”  Robert’s response was, “I don’t know how to help you.  But, if all I can do is pass out clean water and send them to you for education and learning about God, then that’s what I’ll do.”  That is a sign of support from a good guy.  How blessed I am!  I cannot wait for this dream to become a reality, but knowing that I have his support, makes it all the more exciting.

Monday I was so blessed to not just talk to my nieces and nephews in Texas, but to Skype them.  Oh, how I miss them!  Keira showed me the new house and has grown into such a young lady in only a few months. She is beautiful and poise.  Gianna has gotten so big!  She bragged about sleeping on the top bunk, and she speech has just developed so well.  Khristian is so popular! He has already made friends with the entire neighborhood (and school hasn’t even started yet!) I can’t wait to see him play some b-ball…he has this incredible innate talent.  Kadin is walking!!!!!!  He is so big and cuddly.  I miss him.  Kole, my sweet little mischievous friend, took the phone and liked to play with me by walking into the dark closet and back out to save me from the darkness.  Then he monkeyed around and hung upside down with his curly-cue long hair and commented on his ability to change how it looked, and turned the phone upside down to show that I could be upside down too.  I miss dancing and singing with him.  He is getting so big.  Thank you for sharing them with me Tausha and Jason.

That morning I went to Roseville to play in this giant jungle gym called Wackey Tackey.  I have been to tons of these things with my nieces and nephews, but this is one of the best ones I have seen.  They had ball pits, jungle gyms, shooting balls, giant balls, and everything was tall enough for the adults to accompany the kids on.  The only down fall is there was poor security.  But if you are an active parent, this would be a great place to take the kids – especially in extreme heat and down pouring rain.



My kid sister’s baby girl surprises me every time I see her.  She is so cute and happy.  She had fun trying to keep up with her older cousins.  Collin was just so energetic!  I think he did the entire place in ten minutes and still had fun for another two hours replaying everything.  It was so fun to watch the eldest, Kolby, playing with the kids.  He did everything from throwing balls at the kids (when appropriate) to helping them climb, to chasing them around.  It was so fun to watch.

We then ate at this terrible hot dog place on the way home.  I would tell you the name but I can’t remember. In a tight pinch on time, it wasn’t bad.  The customer service was actually quite amazing!  But the hot dogs were less than appetizing.  Since nothing else was near, we settled there and had a good time of fellowship with the kids.

I spent the Tuesday morning at the park with my nieces and nephews – climbing up the jungle gym like a champ I might add! And then I was so blessed to see the movie Planes Tuesday.  We stopped by Jamba Juice because they are doing a promotion of Planes cups for kids smoothies and then took the kids.  This movie is significantly better than the Cars movie, in my opinion.  It teaches good lessons like lying catches up to you and hurts people, face your fears and always do good – even when life looks bad.  It was so fun to take the kids.  When I told Robert I saw Planes I also told him he would enjoy it.  His response, “Oh, I see them all the time.  Where did you go, on base or Sacramento?”  Oh what is lost in text!  I had to share that smile with the world.  Air Force on the brain, which is good, but I hope you get a chance to see it on your down time.  You will really like it, hon.

David, my kid brother, and I did a google hangout session yesterday – he is they only one I know who uses it.  For those of you who don’t know, it is a type of Skype.  We chatted about nothing and everything and enjoyed just joshing with each other.  I hope you are enjoying your day off today, though I still think you should come visit me.  Then I was blessed with my boss giving me today off.

Simple lesson: find joy in the small things and the big things seem less daunting.  I don’t have my dream job, but I am closer (pray this most recent application comes to something please).  I am heading in the right direction and know that God has a plan.  That’s all that matters.  Doing God’s will even when I don’t have the answers…which is usually. And still He provides and still He loves and still I am blessed.

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