Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Busy weeks with simple lessons

This past week I have been none stop busy.  I have spent some time with my niece and nephew who live out of town, went to the zoo, and experienced some good lesson learning. But, let’s get to the cute stuff. 

My nephew Collin is a little thing with some big attitude.  He is smart and witty.  And only three.  My sister and he nephew came to visit the other day and I went in to say “hello.”  As usual, Collin did not want to say hi, but his kid sister Kaylynn did.  So I give my smooches to her and then head over to Collin (the introvert I think).  He needs help seeing up, so I pick him up and start talking to him.  He sees what he wants and want down.  Our conversation goes something like this:

“I want down.”

“But, I would like a hug and a hello please.”


“Well, I think your cute, so maybe I will eat you breakfast.”


“Well, how about, I squish and love you?”


“Well, what can I do?”

“You could get me a treat.” He says with this mischievous smile.  Apparently, his parents are working with him on moderation.  Treat came from Grandpa so I did not have to worry about. Lesson 1: Kids are way smarter than you think.  

Grandpa had to help Collin figure out how to pick an orange for a tree...it was so funny.  

That afternoon, he comes in to watch Walle with me.  He crawls onto the couch, under the blanket I am using and we chit chat about the movie.  Then about half way through he looks at me all serious and says, “We have to watch movies in moderation.”  How do you not lightheartedly laugh at that cuteness?

I finally caved and got my hair cut.  I even got it layered, but we will get to that part in a second.  I go into this thinking all I am going to do is get a trim. I end up getting a deep conditioning and a cut (for only $16, not bad).  The girl who comes up to me has a VERY bad a-line cut (I find out latter one of the other stylists practiced on her).  I think to myself, anyone but her.  But, God heard me and laughed.  She did my deep conditioning and then asks if I want a magazine to read while I wait for the conditioner to do its magic.  Not being one who reads them, I said sure and surprise me with which one you pick.  She surprised me with this:

I laughed out loud and immediately texted Robert.  His response was, “Well, if you were looking for signs.”  Interesting choice…and I have now thought more about a wedding than I ever did with my previous fiancé.  The very next day Robert tells me his roommate called him out for telling one of his class buddies that he should not have gotten engaged…roommate’s word: “Please, you know that will be you in a few months.”  More signs…if you read them I guess.

Anyway, this girl turned out to be quite capable so when she asked if I wanted layers my usual knee-jerk reaction of “no” did not come out. Instead I said, “I really like my length and that I can do an up-do in less than seven minutes.  Please do layers so minuscule that I can still do that it looks good.”  Which, she did beautifully.  She was also really funny…but she was more interested in my not-happening wedding than I was (no, Robert has not proposed…sorry to all my readers who are eagerly awaiting such things). But, here is a bad picture of what it looks like:

Lesson 2: Don't judge a book by its cover.

We took my niece and nephew to the Sacramento Zoo (I have now been to all of California’s zoos in one year).  We got to pet some beautiful animals and almost fed giraffes...next time. 



My good friend Vivian came to visit.  I actually learned a lot about Yuba City high society – that would be anyone who shops on Plumas Street in Downtown.  We have a great winery, some beautiful décor shops, and a really great used book store (though that is more off a side street than on the main street in general).  She and I window shopped for nothing in particular and I learned I have a keen eye for décor.  At least according to Robert, so I will now be taking applications to design your home.  Some pieces I liked are:

The Winery in Yuba City...super stylish and GREAT wine.
Lesson 3: Small towns are bigger than they appear.
Lesson 4: We still discover skills later in life.  

Robert’s birthday was Sunday.  Everyone wish him a happy birthday.  I sent him a care package of some books, some chocolate covered pomegranates (yes they make that!), some energy drinks, some homemade peach jam, and the best ever Cookie Tree cookies!!!!  He thoroughly enjoyed them…can’t you tell?

All of this happened while juggling three jobs and trying to find a real one in Maryland.  Any ideas are welcome. 

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