Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Water Break

Nothing like a crappy night of sleep on soar muscles.  It is no secret I am a horrible sleeper.  I have not slept really well since 2005 but this past two weeks has been some of the worse.  I have also changed my usual work out routine from a nice long run outside and some muscle toning after to Insanity because let’s face it – 100 degree weather is not fun to run in and I get a full body work out in the air conditioning…with my sister.  So company working out really does make it more fun!

But, soar and tired is how I awoke.  That isn’t so bad, not really, at least until I stumbled into the bathroom to get ready for said work out.  Beneath my feet I was rudely shaken awake by the very cold sensation of water…all over the floor.  Now, let me give you a back story. 

The property I live on is old.  I mean really old.  And we are on well water (only drink our purified water if you ever come to visit).  I am the daughter of a fix-it dad.  I have helped him paint the house, build things, even install electricity to our back yard once.  As such I have learned to take care of myself mostly for the past ten years.  I once had my toilet literally explode on me and fixed it myself without calling the landlord.  So, I immediately went into fix it mode.  First, clean up the floor so I can maneuver without breaking any bones.  Second, locate the problem.  I check the sink.  Nope.  Everything appears to be running well.  I brush my teeth.  I check the toilet.  All water levels are good and all basic plumbing is secure and operating without a problem.  I check the shower (which hasn’t been run in 24 hours because I haven’t taken my morning shower).  There is dirt everywhere.  Gross.  Not how I left it.  So, I know I have reached the limit of my knowledge and it is time to call the landlords – my parents.

Now, if you know anything about my parents you know they are steadfast hard workers – which is the nice way of saying they are work-aholics.  But, I also was raised to utilize every available tool before calling them.  So, at 6:30 in the morning what do I do?  I text Dad and head off to my work out, after all my sister is waiting for me and she has kids.  Plus, I know I will be back by 8 or 8:30.  No response.  Either he isn’t up or he is really mad. If you know me, you know that stresses me out.  I don’t like being the bearer of bad news, but I really don’t like doing it to my dad. 

I go get in a really good work out (praise the Lord for good work outs, they really clear your mind).  Muscles aching and tired, but a productive work out none the less.  I scoot out of my sister’s house down the road and head home to my lovely apartment.  Dad’s car is not in the drive (yep, we live on the same property).  This means one of two things.  Dad doesn’t always get texts.  So, either he has not gotten them and head to head out of town on work or he has is at the hardware store figuring something out. I walk into my apartment and immediately know he got the text.  I have dresser drawers moved away from the wall and all the lights are on.  Yep.  The wheels are set in motion. They are trying to dry everything out. 

Still in need of a shower but unsure what is safe to use, I start to work on my computer (after I call Dad to see how I can help…no answer…he is either really mad or can’t talk…hoping for the later).  About an hour in to my work (how cool to work from home) my mom comes in.  Uh-oh, this could be good or bad.  She says she doesn’t know what the problem is either.  I confirm what I did with her and she said I did it right!  Yay!  And she confirms Dad isn’t mad at me! Double YAY!!  But, we still have to figure out what the problem is, so boo.  Oh well, I will shower in one of the adjoining apartments for now and see what happens.

In the mean time, while all this is going on Ryan (remember him, good guy who asked me on a date?) texts me.  He has a big test today, so I shoot a prayer up for him.  I know he is going to ace it.  When he tells me he got an A I was stoked!  Go Ryan!  Then he tells me he needs to do better.  Double YAY!!  That means he is driven.  How can a girl not like that?  He also found some ways to make me smile in the midst of the crazy morning, so I think a date could actually work out.  Thank you Donna (name changed) for your advice yesterday.  Nice to know another single woman.  I am so glad we got reconnected the other day at the party.  Can’t wait for a coffee date or something…you say when and where. 

And, well, now that I am officially stir crazy in the orchards, I have decided I need to do some community service (as well as continue on this job hunt).  This girl needs to meet some people!!  Ideas are officially welcome.  Which brings me to dear, sweet Angie (name changed).  I used to be her small group leader and she headed off to college.  In the past year life hit her pretty hard and well she is searching for peace, solace, and hope.  She called me yesterday to discuss life and all that entails and I thought about how blessed I am to be chosen for such discussions.  Surely, I have made a grand impact on the lives of those I have been called to lead.  Not many of my peers can say they have done the same and for that I am both blessed and proud.  Thank you Lord for reminding me of my impact and that my life is not about me but about you and being a light to those who need it. 

This also brought Nick back into light. How do you help keep a friend on the high ground when it is so easy to do the opposite?  I have no idea.  So, I did for him what I would do for anyone, encouraged him.  I send inspiring quotes and scriptures to friends when I think they would benefit from hearing them.  Usually, it goes over really well.  In this case, I am still unsure.  I don’t know where we stand in our friendship or how to help him.  So, pray for him please.  He needs some hope unlike any other (you know when your past finally catches up to you and you realize the consequences).  He needs that kind of prayer. 

So, here we go.  Leaks.  Workouts.  Sweet Ryan.  Thank you Donna and Angie for being lights to me.  And Dear Nick…praying for you always. 

Now for another day of random adventure!

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