Saturday, June 29, 2013

Decision Made

I had the best meeting with an old friend and her beautiful children yesterday.  Victoria and I have an interesting past and it would be easy for us not to be friend.  Yet, I thank God every day for small miracles like her friendship.  She is a constantly encourages, an example of faith, and someone I truly admire.  I was so blessed to see her for even just a short time yesterday. In case you are reading this, yes, I finished the book last night and your husband’s HR manager gets a call from me at least once a week (fingers crossed!!)

My brother surprised me yesterday with a visit.  It was a blast to spend some quality time with him.  Movie and surprising great food at this brewery I never knew existed in this small town was the best.  I had some great catch up time with him and got to pick his brain.  I asked him what he thought about the trip out to see Ryan and (lucky for Ryan) he said go.  Then I told him, “Great!  I needed a playa’s perspective.” He thought I was funny, and let’s face it, I can be. 

After our fun lunch we decided it would be great to go walk in downtown…in the heat.  We discovered this new tea house that used to be a dilapidated old Victorian.  As I walked through it (yes, even the attic) I kept thinking to myself, “If only I had a property like this, with my event planning experience, I could have a thriving business.”  Anyone know of a property?  Or sales guys like my kid brother to help with advertising?  It was the first time in a while I was excited about an idea like that.  Something I don’t think I will let go of soon.

When the heat finally got to us (holy heat wave Batman!!!!) we headed home so I could finish the book I was editing.  Then we went off to a spontaneous family BBQ (which we wall decided was better to have inside than outside).  My parents, sister and her family and two brothers all enjoyed some grubbing chicken and caught up and told stories.  When the kids went down to bed, my brother and I stayed and chatted with my sister and brother-in-law.  We reminisced about many times the two of us have hung out.  Since my sister was at war during most of this time, she had a great time listening to our many escapades. 

Her favorite was when David (always knows how to get me in a tight spot) told me he left something out my sister’s house.  It was probably around midnight when he went to pick it up (I think it was a cell phone charger).  I asked, “She knows you are coming, right?” “Of course!”  He responded.  I should I have known better.  We get into the house and he begins to look for said phone charger.  In the process he breaks a picture frame and creates quite havoc.  Low and behold my brother-in-law comes down the stairs…with a gun (yep, they live in the country and he was protecting his family).  Nothing happened because he is trained with them and knows not to shoot stupidly, but it was a funny experience.  Yep, brother got me into trouble again. 

We reminisced some more and enjoyed a grand time of stories.  A great night all in all.  But, what you all are more interested in is if I got tickets to Ryan.  Yep!  Bought, paid for, and I leave on the third.  I am getting quite excited!  I am told there will be fireworks for Independence Day over the international waters there. In Southern California fireworks are mostly illegal, so it has been a while since I have seen them on Independence Day.  Watching them over water sounds almost as fun as watching them beneath me on a plan (which I have done as I flew cross country…saw them start in DC and begin in California).  I am sure this will be a week of grand adventure…if nothing else a great experience.  I have never been to Mississippi, so a good look at the Deep South will be fun and educational.  There is a rich history there (something I love to learn about). 

So cheers to new adventure!  New experiences!  New friends!  New luck…I hope. 

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