Tuesday, January 31, 2012

When I Saw God...

I have been working on a teaching and began to wonder how people see God differently.  It reminded me of when I was a kid and did performances with my family.  We were often referred to as the Von Blacks.  Well, one show each of us had a different line about how people see God.  I thought I would inquire how you all see him and why?  Then, see if you found your evidence in life or in the Bible.  Just some thoughts.  The poem we did is below for ideas: 

When I saw god he had a long white beard and he brought me gifts at the end of the year, but the big one comes in the by and by from the Santa Claus up in the sky

When I saw god he was vending machine, you drop in a coin and he makes the scene. Push the right button and what have you got? Instant first aid right on the spot

When I saw god he was in a museum kept under glass where I could go see him. It's such a comfort to see him there he's near to me and not off somewhere

When I saw god he was a silver lining although that does seem quite confining. Its such a comfort to see him there he's near to me and not off somewhere

God is love, god is light God is faithful day and night he is eternal, he never changes though the seas rise up to cover mountain ranges.

Now that we’ve discussed our thoughts, His size, His shape, and what we’ve been taught, let’s take a pause and take a look and see what it says in the old, old, book.  

Let’s hear your thoughts. 

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