Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The first Skype date

I had the best and unexpected coffee date with V the other day.  I had worked till midnight the night before and had to be up for work at seven a.m.  I think in all, once everything was said and done, I slept maybe four hours.  So when I got the unexpected text from her with the invitation I was tempted to decline because I was pure exhaustion walking.  But, I said yes.  And thank God I did!!!

She and I talked about everything from being an introvert to relationships to God.  I was encouraged by her testimony, and did not even realize I needed the encouragement.  Although I had four cups of coffee that day to function, she made the rest of the night so much more pleasant.  I could not have asked for a better gift from God at that moment, and I didn’t know I needed it.  V-, I can’t wait to do it again!!!  And the pictures of the house look great! 

I then got to talk with Robert.  He certainly was a sight for sore eyes.  We have been talking via text and phone the pass week because our schedules are so crazy, so it was nice to see him.  Things get lost in communication via technology, but we you see them again you realize how much you needed to. We chatted about everything and nothing and he headed off to bed.  Two hours later, headed to bed myself, I had an epiphany! 

You see I am a quality time kind of girl.  I like going to festivals, and being outside, and trying new things.  I especially like to do them with people I love!  The Smoots can attest to this. Well, lately, I have been doing a lot of that with my sister and her family, which made me want to do them all the more with Robert.  But, being a country away makes that difficult.  So, you can imagine we are in need of a date.  But how do you have a date when you are so far apart?  Conundrum. 

Here’s when I was hit with an epiphany.  Why not play a card game over Skype?  He went out and bought a deck for the occasion and I borrowed one from my sister.  We played Go Fish.  Yes, I know it is a kid’s game, but it was perfect for us!  As each person got a pair we told the other so they could take it out of their own deck.  We played for two hours and talked about the stress in my life and he made me laugh…so hard!!!  It was just what I needed…and I will venture to say what he needed as well.  So, I am now open for ideas on how to have a date with someone over Skype.  Please let me know any that come to mind. 

One of the things we discussed was my frustration and fear that I will never get that coveted “Big Girl” job.  And Robert encouraged me that I would find it, that I would love it, and that there is already something new happening in my life.  He had hope for me last night, which I needed.  This morning, my verse of the day was, “For I am about to do something new.  See, I have already begun!  Do you not see it?”  (Isaiah 43:19…from one of my favorite books!)  Ok God, I hear you.  Thank you for using V-, Robert and my verse of the day to remind me of this powerful truth. 

And now, with a new light of hope and determination, I am going to attempt to have a date playing the game of Life with him…we’ll see how that goes.  

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